Noise tests

We monitor noise emissions from models to test they fall within BMFA guidelines of 82dBA @ 7m, and some results are listed here for guidance. Naturally some fail and they may not fly at a noise sensitive site until brought within these limits. A pass certificate is issued and a model MAY NOT be flown at the Rushwick site without it. It is the pilot's responsibility to arrange that test with the clubs noise meter and a committee member. No exceptions.

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ModelMotorSilencerPropPropSizeNoise Level (db)Pass
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Hanger 9 Piper PawneeDLE 20cc PetrolPitts twin outlet + extraNylon Carbon Fibre16 x 882807982Passed
ThunderTiger Rare BearRCGF 20cc PetrolStd + after-market baffleAerostar Wooden17 x 882767581Passed
Black Horse Glasair 73"Zenoah G20Ei PetrolStandardAerostar17 x 1081807981Passed
Seagull Christen Eagle 11RCGF 20cc PetrolPitts twin outlet + extraAPC17 x 882807882Passed
Flair Piper CubEnya 40StandaardMaster Airscrew11 x 778767678Passed
DB Piper CubASP 75 with 60 carbIn cowlAPC14x682817682Passed
WOT4OS48 SurpassStandardMaster Airscrew 'K' serie11x674727174Passed
AcrowotSC52StandardMaster Airscrew 'K' serie12X778777077Passed
Sig Clipped Wing Piper Cubelectric on 4S lipon/aAPC electric12x6e75696168Passed
Super 60Outrunner on 4SN/AAPC 11 x 6E69676166Passed
Seagull SparrowhawkLaser 80StandardMaster Airscrew14x682797482Passed
Flair LighteningOS 61RFPOS PipeAPC12x1079776674Passed
TornadoOS 61 RFPOS PipeAPC12x1081786980Passed
WOT4 XLSC 108StandardAPC15x782796980Passed
AtlasOS 75AXStandardAPC13x882786679Passed
Funtana 100OS 120 FSStandardAPC15x1082747682Passed
EindekkerRCV 91StandardAPC14x682807481Passed
Wot TrainerSC 46StandardAPC11x880736876Passed
WOT trainerSC46 2 strkSTDJXF11x782777079Passed
Fournier motor gliderASP 30 4strkSTDAPC9x679767279Passed
AcrowotOS81 4 strkSTDGraupner14x782797580Passed
Turbulent 85" spanSaito 130 FS Flat TwinStdMaster Airscrew16 x 879807579Passed
Tiger Moth 60"OS 52 FSStdAPC12 x 672746773Passed
Wot TrainerSC 52 2sStdMaster Airscrew12 x 681847683Failed
Terradactyl Wing vintageOS Max 25StdGraupner8 x 6 pusher76707174Passed
Chilli WindOS Hanno SpecialHanno mk2 PipeAPC12x1280787480Passed
Ravi AvisOS 46FXStandardAPC12.75x3.2573717175Passed
Crescent BulletOS 46FXStandardAPC10x975757178Passed
TornadoOS 61RFPRFP PipeAPC12x1181817582Passed
AdagioOS 61RFPHanno PipeAPC12x1182807382Passed
HarvardASP 61FSStandardAPC12x679827075Passed
AcrowotOS 55AXStandardAPC12x783837283Failed
Astro HogASP 70StandardAPC13x681757382Passed
Piper CubLaser 70StandardAPC14x676746878Passed
Hanger 9 Hellcat 65"SC91 FSStdAPC16 x 678777176Passed
Cessena 3372 x Irvine 36 2 strokeStdAPC 11 x 980807681Passed
Flair CubASP 65 FSStdMaster Airscrew12 x 781767682Passed
Flair CubMagnum 52 FSStdMaster Airscrew11 x 775737377Passed
Rickenbacker BiplaneASP 30 FSStdAPC10 x 675746772Passed
Rickenbacker RadialOS40 FSStdGraupner10 x 672737072Passed
VelocitySC 52 2SStandardAPC12x679726576Passed
Piper CubLaser 75StandardGraupner14x782737174Passed
JodelASP 52 FSStandardAPC12x681736876Passed
Junior 60OS 40 FSStandardAPC11x679747378Passed
Piper CubOS 46Standard 12x680706272Passed
Ripmax JiveElectric 4SnaAPC11x5.576727170Passed
Graupner ASH 26 gliderstd electricnastdstd72707170Passed
Eflite HabuSTD ducted fanSTDSTDSTd88867787Failed
AcrowotOS FS81STDAPC13x785   Failed

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