Noise tests

We monitor noise emissions from models to test they fall within BMFA guidelines of 82dBA @ 7m, and some results are listed here for guidance. Naturally some fail and they may not fly at a noise sensitive site until brought within these limits. A pass certificate is issued and a model MAY NOT be flown at the Rushwick site without it. It is the pilot's responsibility to arrange that test with the clubs noise meter and a committee member. No exceptions.

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ModelMotorSilencerPropPropSizeNoise Level (db)Pass
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Piper Cub 105"Super Tiger 25ccStandard plus 10" tube deflecterMaster Airscrew20 x 881787681Passed
Small MythoAXI 28/26 ElectricN/AAPC12x8E69686568Passed
MythoElectric 6s APC17 x 1068706867Passed
Hanger 9 Piper PawneeDLE 20cc PetrolPitts twin outlet + extraNylon Carbon Fibre16 x 882807982Passed
ThunderTiger Rare BearRCGF 20cc PetrolStd + after-market baffleAerostar Wooden17 x 882767581Passed
Black Horse Glasair 73"Zenoah G20Ei PetrolStandardAerostar17 x 1081807981Passed
Seagull Christen Eagle 11RCGF 20cc PetrolPitts twin outlet + extraAPC17 x 882807882Passed
Flair Piper CubEnya 40StandaardMaster Airscrew11 x 778767678Passed
DB Piper CubASP 75 with 60 carbIn cowlAPC14x682817682Passed
WOT4OS48 SurpassStandardMaster Airscrew 'K' serie11x674727174Passed
AcrowotSC52StandardMaster Airscrew 'K' serie12X778777077Passed
Sig Clipped Wing Piper Cubelectric on 4S lipon/aAPC electric12x6e75696168Passed
Super 60Outrunner on 4SN/AAPC 11 x 6E69676166Passed
Seagull SparrowhawkLaser 80StandardMaster Airscrew14x682797482Passed
Flair LighteningOS 61RFPOS PipeAPC12x1079776674Passed
TornadoOS 61 RFPOS PipeAPC12x1081786980Passed
WOT4 XLSC 108StandardAPC15x782796980Passed
AtlasOS 75AXStandardAPC13x882786679Passed
Funtana 100OS 120 FSStandardAPC15x1082747682Passed
EindekkerRCV 91StandardAPC14x682807481Passed
Wot TrainerSC 46StandardAPC11x880736876Passed
WOT trainerSC46 2 strkSTDJXF11x782777079Passed
Fournier motor gliderASP 30 4strkSTDAPC9x679767279Passed
AcrowotOS81 4 strkSTDGraupner14x782797580Passed
Turbulent 85" spanSaito 130 FS Flat TwinStdMaster Airscrew16 x 879807579Passed
Tiger Moth 60"OS 52 FSStdAPC12 x 672746773Passed
Wot TrainerSC 52 2sStdMaster Airscrew12 x 681847683Failed
Terradactyl Wing vintageOS Max 25StdGraupner8 x 6 pusher76707174Passed
Chilli WindOS Hanno SpecialHanno mk2 PipeAPC12x1280787480Passed
Ravi AvisOS 46FXStandardAPC12.75x3.2573717175Passed
Crescent BulletOS 46FXStandardAPC10x975757178Passed
TornadoOS 61RFPRFP PipeAPC12x1181817582Passed
AdagioOS 61RFPHanno PipeAPC12x1182807382Passed
HarvardASP 61FSStandardAPC12x679827075Passed
AcrowotOS 55AXStandardAPC12x783837283Failed
Astro HogASP 70StandardAPC13x681757382Passed
Piper CubLaser 70StandardAPC14x676746878Passed
Hanger 9 Hellcat 65"SC91 FSStdAPC16 x 678777176Passed
Cessena 3372 x Irvine 36 2 strokeStdAPC 11 x 980807681Passed
Flair CubASP 65 FSStdMaster Airscrew12 x 781767682Passed
Flair CubMagnum 52 FSStdMaster Airscrew11 x 775737377Passed
Rickenbacker BiplaneASP 30 FSStdAPC10 x 675746772Passed
Rickenbacker RadialOS40 FSStdGraupner10 x 672737072Passed
VelocitySC 52 2SStandardAPC12x679726576Passed
Piper CubLaser 75StandardGraupner14x782737174Passed
JodelASP 52 FSStandardAPC12x681736876Passed
Junior 60OS 40 FSStandardAPC11x679747378Passed
Piper CubOS 46Standard 12x680706272Passed
Ripmax JiveElectric 4SnaAPC11x5.576727170Passed

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